Movo Mobility Solutions

What's Movo ?+-
Movo is the new generation of car rental. We offer a simplified and unique App based car rental experience. With Movo, it takes only few minutes to book your car and get it delivered to you, avoiding airports long queues and stressful paperwork. We also provide you with the best selection of hybrid and electric cars (only) Time to Ride the Future !
How can I use Movo services ?+-
Download our Free mobile App on App Store (for Iphone) or Google Play (for Android phones), or visit our website movocars.rent
Why renting with Movo ?+-
Movo offers you a much better service compare to traditional car rental companies :

Goodbye long queues and stressful paperwork. Only few seconds to book your car.

Rent a car and arrange your car delivery and collection anywhere you need

Fully equipped ( Automatic, Bluetooth, GPS …) Hybrid plugin and Electric vehicles but still Stylish !

Prices you will love + Complimentary Wifi, drinks and more

Get the car you booked, no « or similar … bla bla bla ».


How can I book a car ?+-
You can book your car on our App (for IPhone or Android) or on our website movocars.rent and it’s very simple :

1- Enter the address where you wish your car to be delivered and returned
2- Choose your start and end dates and times
3- Select one car from our large choice of electric and hybrid vehicles
4- Sign up and take a picture of your ID and driver license.
5- Pay your rental and it’s confirmed

It has never been easier to get a hybrid or an electric car when and where you need it!
What documents do you need from me ?+-
Your valid driver license, your ID and your credit card No need for your family or health books 😊
How long does it take to confirm my booking ? +-
It’s a real time confirmation. However, for your first reservation with Movo, we need 24 hours (maximum delay) to verify your documents. If you do not receive a call or email from us, then your booking is confirmed.
How far in advance should I book my vehicle ?+-
We recommend bookings to be placed 24 hours prior to rental start.
Why do you need my mobile number ? +-
We will use your phone number to call you if you are not reachable on Movo App messenger.
Can I access my booking after confirmation ? +-
Of course ! To access your booking, you need to Login on the website or on the mobile App, then click/tap on "My Bookings" in the menu. You will be able to view your upcoming booking as well as ongoing and finished rentals.
Can I modify my booking ? +-
Sure thing ! Not only modify your upcoming booking (delivery addresses, dates ...) but also extend your rental and change the return location for the ongoing service.
Can I cancel my booking ? Any cancellation fees ? +-
Yes you can cancel your reservation free of charge up to 48 hours before rental start. If your cancellation is made after 48 hours prior to rental start, you will be charged for one day of rental.
How many kilometers are included in my rental ? +-
100km or 200km depending on the selected package.
Can I book a car at your desk or by telephone ? +-
We are not a standard car rental company, so we do not have a desk. You can book your car on our website or on our App. We can also take booking by phone in case you have no internet access.
Can you provide baby seats ? +-
Yes we can provide baby seats and child boosters. We also offert them some candies or chocolat
How can I get my rental agreement ? +-
You can access your rental contract (digital format) on your rental page (My Bookings section). If you wish to have it printed just let us know (please consider the environment before asking). Our delivery team will hand it to you upon car delivery.
How can I get my invoice ? +-
You can download your invoice from you booking page (My Bookings section).

My profile

How can I sign up ?+-
You can easily sign up on our mobile app or our website. We only need your first and last names, country, email address, mobile number and of course a password to secure your account.

To login, enter your username (email address) and password.
What’s the minimum age required for the driver ?+-
We accept drivers with a license valid for at least 2 years
How can I add an additional driver ?+-
In "My Bookings" section on our App or on our website, you can add your co-pilot within few taps.
Can I rent a car with my international driver license ?+-
Yes ! You can rent a car with your international driver license
How can I send to you a copy of my driver license ?+-
When you make your first rental with Movo, you will be able to take a picture and upload your driver license and your ID.

Car delivery and return

What’s the accepted delay to pick up or return a car ?+-
In case of a delay to collect the vehicle and without notifying Movo Mobility Solutions, the delivery team will wait at the agreed location for 1 hour (60 minutes). After this deadline, the delivery team will return the vehicle to the Movo Mobility Solutions facility and the rental will be invoiced as a No-Show.
What should I do if I am late to pick up or return the vehicle ? +-
Just let us know via the Movo app’s instant messaging or by phone. We will find an arrangement
Car delivery, how does it work ?+-
This is how it works :

1 – Movo messenger enables you to chat with delivery team one hour before your delivery,
2- As soon as your vehicle is on the way, you receive a notification to track your delivery in real time
3- When your vehicle arrives, our delivery team will inform you
4- Important step: Our delivery team member will explain to you how to use your vehicle and go through a car check (existing damages, mileage, fuel level, etc.).
5- Let's go! Our delivery team member will start your contract. You can now access your rental details (invoice, rental contract, modification, etc.) in the Ongoing section of "My Bookings".
When returning the vehicle what should be the fuel and charge level ?+-
Once you are done with the rental, it is recommanded to return the vehicle with the same level of fuel and charge as on departure. This can be viewed on the App. Otherwise, our team will take care of refueling and we will charge you for the service.
A problem with delivery service ?+-
If you encounter a problem with our delivery team (the delivery team member does not respond or arrives late...) please report it to us on Movo messenger or by email. You will also receive a short satisfaction questionnaire after each delivery.
Lost & Found : I forgot my belongings inside the vehicle. What should I do ?+-
No worries ! If it is within an hour of your vehicle being returned, you can always contact the delivery team member to have your items returned to you immediately.
Otherwise, you can still contact us by phone, email or on Movo App messenger. We will send to you your belongings ASAP.

Deposit and insurance

For the car deposit, is it possible to use a different credit card than the one used for payment?+-
Yes of course. We can also use 2 credit cards for the deposit pre-authorization, as long as the they belongs to the hirer.
How long does it take to release the deposit ?+-
The deposit is released immediately after the return of the vehicle. However, it might take up to 7 days for the release to be effective. This depends on banks agreements.
What are Movo insurance options ?+-
Basic : Third party liability insurance included in the rental price

Plus+ : Additional insurance with loss damage waiver to limit your responsability for vehicle damage

Full : Additional insurance to remove excess and avoid any costs in case of responsible damage to the vehicle

The price of additional insurance options depends on each car model.


What should I do in the event of an accident or if a problem occurs with the vehicle ?+-
If you are injured, call 15 or 911.

If the vehicle is not immobilized please contact us and report the accident on the App (My Booking section  your rental page).

If another vehicle is involved in the accident, please make an accident report and take all information (driver's license, license plates, insurance, etc.) of the vehicle(s) and people involved.

If the vehicle is immobilized and requires a towing service, please contact us quickly.
What happens if I damage the car ?+-
If you are responsible for the damage, and depending on the insurance option you have purchased, we will send to you reparation estimation (quote) from a repairer approved by Movo Mobility Solution. We will charge reparation cost up to a maximum of the Franchise / excess applied to the vehicle.

If you are not responsible for the damage (if a third party is involved and you have established an accident report) we will wait for insurance confirmation and release the deposit.
Where to charge the vehicle? +-
In the main menu of our App, you have a "Charging Stations" section. You can easily find nearby charging stations and their status in real time. We also provide you with top-up cards which allow you to top-up at most of charging stations.
Are there any geographic restrictions ?+-
Our cars should not leave France, Monaco, Switzerland and Germany territory without written authorization or prior approval from Movo Mobility Solutions.